Internal Succession at Transdev Queensland

Transdev Queensland has a strong culture of internal succession, because we believe hard work is worth rewarding

The management team works hard to develop entry level and casual staff by offering learning opportunities and growth positions to acknowledge dedicated and hardworking employees. Internal succession allows staff to be challenged and aids in retaining ambitious and talented employees.

Karen Gill started with Transdev Queensland in May 2008 as a casual bus driver and is now the Network Scheduler for the business, liaising with TransLink, local councils, schools, parents, students and employees to improve and increase services, infrastructure and business development.

“I commenced as a casual bus driver and basically wanted more, so after learning all of the different urban and school routes, progressed to becoming a relief driver. I was asked to assist with operational staff duties and also became a bus allocator for the Capalaba depot. As I had working knowledge of the entire Capalaba network, I was asked to assist the timetable employee with route timings, loading data, improvements and on time running of services. I was later appointed the Timetable Coordinator when the position became available and was eventually appointed to my current role of Network Scheduler.

“My proudest moment at Transdev so far has been successfully implementing a new network after months of hard work and receiving compliments from the public for the changes made.”

Michael Fyfe began at Trandev Queensland in November 2009 as a casual bus driver. He then progressed to Timetable Coordinator and is now the Compliance and Workplace Health and Safety Officer, responsible for workplace health and safety. He helps return injured employees back to work and ensures the business complies with national and international regulations.

“I am a hard worker and always looking for new challenges. I have found ways to push myself within the Transdev network. I value the opportunities given to me here for growth.”